What’s the City Doing About Safety?

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By Linda Plater

Like many people in our community, I love to walk and cycle as much as possible on errands, for work and just to get some exercise. Sometimes this feels exhilarating and sometimes dangerous but these are the risks I take living in a metropolitan area. Anyone listening to Toronto news hears about unfortunate accidents that have taken lives of innocent people, young, and old in our city; this is very tragic and disconcerting. In 2016, there were 77 fatalities in Toronto, including 43 pedestrian deaths – up from 38 pedestrian fatalities in 2015.* And the numbers of accidents in 2017 are just as alarming.
Fortunately, city transportation services is taking public safety very seriously and is providing education and infrastructure to make our streets and sidewalks safer for everyone. Our city is far from perfect but we are pleased to learn about many of the new measures that the city is undertaking to safeguard our area.
In January the city announced 45 new initiatives to be introduced this year targeted at eliminating fatalities and reducing serious injuries with an emphasis on pedestrians, school children, older adults, cyclists, aggressive and distracted driving, and motorcyclists. These measures are part of the City’s $54 million in funding the Vision Zero Road Safety Plan and overall traffic safety. Information about these programs can be found at www.toronto.ca .
Traffic Safety is the number one concern expressed by residents in Ward 5. Councillor Justin Di Ciano supports traffic calming where appropriate and has been working with the Police 22 Division to increase enforcement.
Councillor Di Ciano has created a special “Slow Down, Kids at Play” lawn sign available exclusively for residents of Ward 5. These signs will be available for order by residents through PosterOne at $8.00 per sign. Signs are 18″x 24″ in size, double sided with a t-stake that can be placed on your front lawn.

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